Shopping Cart 05) Setting Your Tax Rates

Open the Shopping Cart Tab of your MyDakis account.
Click on the Tables link in the sidebar.
(Under the Taxes heading)
Click on New Tax Table
Choose the country and state/province to which you wish to apply this tax rate. You'll need to do this for every jurisdiction that you have Nexus in or are responsible for collection of additional county / city taxes.

Click on the Cascade Tax Element box if you need any state/provincial taxes to be applied on top of this one in the table. This should not be necessary for anyone since Qu├ębec updated it's tax code in 2015.

Click on the create button to add the new tax table to your account.
Click on New tax to create a new rate that applies to that region.
Give your tax rate a name and set the amounts that should be applied when products are added to the cart. 
Click on the create button to add the new tax table to your account.
Repeat the above process for any state / province you need to collect tax for. Note that the system checks Zip Codes / Postal Codes for the most specific area it finds, you only need to create state / city or state / county combinations when you have to collect supplemental option taxes in those areas. Be sure to include your state as a catch all for those that live in areas with no option tax. In the below example, orders shipped or picked up within Los Angeles county will be charged 9% sales tax while residents of California outside of Los Angeles county will be charged 7.5%. 

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