Shopping Cart 01) Setting Shipping Modes


Open the Shopping Cart Tab of your MyDakis account


Click on the Modes link in the sidebar (under the Shipping heading).


Click on new mode to create a new shipping mode to offer at checkout.


Click on the Edit button.


Enter in the name of the shipping mode along with how it should modify your products shipping rules.

Multiplier: By how much this shipping mode should multiply the amounts you've set for shipping your various products.

Adder: This amount will be added after the multiplier has been applied.

For example, if a canvas print normally ships for $10 and you create a shipping mode with a multiplier of 2 and an adder of $5, the shipping price becomes $25 ($10 X 2 + $5).

Click Save to finish editing your shipping mode and add it to your account.


It's important to know that in store pick up is a sub set of shipping modes. You can only have one pick up in store mode setup at a time. To setup pick up in store, execute steps 1 through 4 as per above.

At step 5, you want to use the following information:

Name: Pick up in store OR Collect in store OR any other informative label you can think of.
Multiplier: 0
Adder: 0
It's important to select the Pickup In Store (With Store Selection) checkbox, this is what triggers the cart checkout to consider this an in store shipping mode, apply the correct payment methods as per the rules set in other areas of the cart, list the store locations setup in the PORTAL section of the and charge the correct tax for the stores legal tax jurisdiction.

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