Shopping Cart 03) Setting Payment Methods

  Open the Shopping Cart Tab of your MyDakis account


Click on the Payment Methods link in the sidebar.


Click on Add New to create a new payment methods to offer at checkout.


Choose the type of payment method you want to add.

Account Payment Mode: This creates a mode which will simply notify you when an order is placed and allows you to contact and handle billing with the client directly (most often used for "call to confirm" orders)

In-Store Payment mode: Similar to Account payment, this mode will label the order as to be paid in-store on pickup.

Paypal Standard: This sets up a payment mode which integrates with a PayPal merchant account, allowing orders to be paid by credit card or PayPal balance directly to your account.


Choose what the item name (what shows on client receipts) and minimum order amount for the payment method should be .

Enter in the name and description (optional) to display for this payment method at checkout.
In the case of a PayPal Standard payment mode, you'll need to enter the email address of your PayPal account as well as an item name which reflects your business name and services. Note that you don't want to call this payment method PayPal as it also accepts all major credit cards and allows you to offer PayPal instant credit in the USA.
Other payment modes are available as part of an Advanced setup in the Advanced WebStore and more advanced OPS plans:

USA: Stripe,, Accertify, PayPal PRO 
Canada: Stripe, Moneris,, Accertify, PayPal PRO
South Africa: Stripe, Virtucal Card Services (VCS)
Australia: Stripe, NAB Transact, Accertify
New Zealand: Stripe, NAB Transact, Accertify 
UK: Stripe, PayPal PRO, Accertify

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