Account Settings 02) Managing Your Store Locations


Open the Portal Section of your MyDakis account.

Click on Stores in the left hand menu to modify the existing information or New to add a new store.

You now have access to the Store Editing Area. 

Fill in the fields, such as your Store Name, the complete Address and Contact information. Make sure the information is set correctly so the map to set itself in the right area. 

Please note that all fields are required except for "Fax number" and "Web url"

Checking IS PRODUCTION CENTER will remove the store from the selection of stores at checkout while allowing you to have kiosk licenses or print production assigned to it for production purposes.


You can drag and drop the pin in the map if it is not exactly where it needs to be.


Click on Save to ensure your changes take effect.

If you do not want to add a new store, but simply want to edit the address or contact information of an existing store, simply click in the store name in the store's list. That will allow you to edit that specific store. 

If you have closed a store location and want it removed from the list, hit the Delete store button next to the store name, in the right handside.

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