Photo Factory 03) Mass Pricing Table Setup Guide


Open the Photo Factory Tab of your MyDakis account.


Choose the category or sub-category that you want to apply pricing to and click on the edit button.

Note that if a pricing table is set in a sub-category, MyDakis will ignore any pricing set in the category above it. The system takes the most specific pricing available looking first at the individual product, then the sub category then the main category when looking for the correct price.


Open the Mass Pricing section and click on the edit pricing table button.


Use the dropdown menu to select a specification that should determine the pricing you will offer and click on Add Spec.


Fill out the prices for your products and any options you may have set as needed. 

In our example above, we are only using one spec but you can use multiple specs to price out your products, such as combining card size and card format to have different pricing for 5x7 flat cards, 5x7 double sided cards and 5x7 folded cards.

Categories other than cards will feature specs specific to their categories to facilitate pricing, canvas for example will have the size of the wrap width as well as the surface area of the front of the canvas wrap.

If you wish to offer volume pricing, click on the Add Price Column button to add a quantity which will drop your pricing.

Be sure to save your work before adding a new price column or you may wipe out any unsaved changes when modifying the table itself.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save to commit your changes.


When you are done, click on Close Fullscreen to leave the pricing editor. You should see your new pricing in the Mass Pricing section now.

Don't forget to clear your cache in the admin section if you need to see the changes appear right away on your website. Otherwise it can take up to an hour for a change to

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