Account Settings 03) Managing Registered Customers (User Accounts)

When browsing your website, your clients can register with an account if they would like to save their gift projects to continue later or view a list of previous purchases. Here's how you can review your registered clients and what information you have access to.

Open the Shopping Cart Tab of your MyDakis account.
Click on the Registered Customers link in the sidebar.

On the page you'll find a list of all the accounts your clients have registered with you along with some options.

View Details - View the signup details for that account
Shopping Carts - View all orders placed by this account.
Orders - Lists saved gift projects that haven't been completed.
Archives - Lists gift projects that have been placed and completed. It's also possible to duplicate projects for reordering from here.
Tax Status - Clicking on this icon will toggle whether this client is eligible to be excempt from taxes when they buy from you.

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