Shopping Cart 02) Shipping Rates - Rule

Setting up your shipping rates in Dakis involves two areas of the Inventory Manager, both of which are found under the Shopping Cart tab:

1) Rules (For Prints, Gifts and Merchandise)
2) Modes (See

In the above, Merchandise refers to physical goods such as Cameras, Lenses, Filters, etc. Prints refers to basic photo prints from the photominator and gifts refers to anything from the Photo Factory.

Your aim when setting up shipping rules is to calculate the base rate for your standard shipping costs. The Modes area is where you can apply expedited shipping surcharges.

In the Dakis system, you can set shipping rules on:

- Individual Items, Print Sizes or Photo Factory Templates
- Product Categories, Print Groups or Photo Factory Categories / Sub Categories
- Set a default rule that applies to the entire product type (merchandise, prints, gifts)

At the checkout, the system will look for the most specific rule possible in this order:

1) Item level rule
2) Sub Category / Category level rule
3) General product type rule

It's important to note that the rules aren't additive - the item, category and general rule - are not summed up to find the total cost. They system uses the most specific value it finds. 

Setting shipping at the item level:

When editing a specific item, you can set the shipping by using a combination of the three fields:

Initial Price ($): This amount is charged as soon as one of these items is in the cart
Per item ($): This item is charged for each copy of an item in cart INCLUDING the first
Percentage of order (%): This value calculates the total price of an item - taking into consideration the tiered discount rates - to find a shipping cost

Setting shipping at the Product Category or Sub Category level:

When editing shipping on a print group, photo factory category or merchandise category, you can set shipping brackets (dollar values) on which you can use a combination of initial price, per item price and percentage of order.

From the Photo Factory, click on Edit under the Category or Sub Category

In the below case, I want to set $9.99 shipping and free shipping for orders $100 and up.

1) Click on EDIT

2) Set your shipping bracket to apply to orders of $0 to $99.99 dollars
3) Set the initial price to $9.99

4) Notice the updated information after you click on save and hit edit again to add the bracket:

5) The start of the bracket is automatically one cent above the end of the previous bracket. Leave the END field blank to signify no upper limit and add 0 to the initial cost.

6) If you ever need to modify a bracket, click on the dollar value of that bracket:

Be careful not to leave 'empty' areas by entering bad bracket values, as per below where I have no bracket set for $49.99 to $100, as you can see by the EDIT being present instead of a shipping cost.

Setting a default Rule

From the Shopping Cart tab of you Photo Factory, you can set up default Rules for your Merchandises, Prints or Gifts

Set up the Rules following the same logic as above (click on EDIT, set the initial price and/or per item $ and/or Percentage %, save and repeat). 

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