Photo Kiosk 01) Downloading the kiosk software

The first thing you need to do get your kiosk up and running is to download the software.  When you signed on you should have been provided a link to download the software, if you did not receive this link contact your Dakis representative.

You can also acquire the software through your MyDakis account, here's how:

Login to your MyDakis account, select "Photo" and then under the Photo Kiosk heading "Photo Kiosk Application"
To download the kiosk downloader, click on the download link.
If you are planning on offering the option to connect mobile devices to your customers, you will want to install drivers. These will allow to connect the kiosk application to various supported mobile devices. Click on the download link and start the application.

The next step is to enter your license key and configure your kiosk. Click  here to find out how to acquire your license key and  here to learn how to configure your kiosk.

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