Webstore 07) Offering Warranties on Your Webstore Products

In this article, we will show you how to setup and offer warranties on your webstore products.

An account with the advance webstore is required to use this feature.

The first step is to open the inventory tab of your MyDakis account.
Under the overview heading, select the product type you want to add warranties for. Not all product type, such as photo frames, will allow for warranties.

Once on the product type page, you will see the available warranties tab.

Click on it to expand it and all the warranties option for this product type will appear.

To select which warranties you want to offer, check each individual boxes. You can then go and edit the cost associated with each warranties that your customers will have to pay to be valid under it.

Once you are done editing the price, a green notification will appear letting you know that your warranties have been updated successfully. You can then exit without have to save anything.

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