Connecting to ColorCentric as a Fulfiller

ColorCentric, the parent company of, and dakis are pleased to announce a new partnership.  This partnership will allow for any retailer using the dakis platform to choose ColorCentric as its fulfillment partner for high-quality photo books.
This partnership is a direct result of requests from retailers who wanted the great quality and value of ColorCentric products, while leveraging the powerful Omnichannel and WebAPP features of the dakis Photo Solutions. Due to the great number of members already using the dakis platform, the 4EverBooks program is now moved to the dakis Photo Solutions Platform. If you are currently a 4EverBooks member, please work with your website provider to remove all 4EverBooks links, and switch to the dakis Photo Solutions.  
ColorCentric photo book production on your dakis Photo Solutions is now available. Not yet a ColorCentric and dakis client? Don't wait any longer and let's get started!

Steps to getting activated
Download the  ColorCentric New Account Information Form by clicking here.
Fill out the form and send it out to Rob Comeau from ColorCentric ( and CC Ryan from dakis (  You can also simply  click on this link for a pre-formatted email, attach your application form and send it out!
We will proceed with the activation process.
Once the activation process is complete we will notify you.  At this point we encourage you to promote the Photo Books as much as you can! Get the word out and SELL SELL SELL!

If you are not a dakis Online Photo Solution or Kiosk user you cannot have access to the ColorCentric book offering.  If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity  please contact as soon as you can!  We'll help you through the process.

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