What Is a Responsive Website?

You've probably heard the term responsive website thrown around over the past little while without really knowing what a responsive website is, don't worry, you're not alone!  A responsive web presence is beneficial to you as it allows a user to view a website on any device such as your standard plain old boring desktop computer, the state-of-the-art handheld device that everybody is talking about, a tablet... even your grand-mother's hand-me-down iPhone 3 (or 2, or less...).  The responsive website will respond to it's hosted environment and will resize itself to present the user with the best possible experience at the precise moment the website is called.

This differs from a "mobile" website as the responsive website exists as one single entity, whereas the mobile website is a separate parallel creation that's built to compliment a standard desktop site, a mobile website will often be hosted on a subdomain where the responsive website has no need for such a process.

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What are the benefits?

A very valid question!  Here are some of the benefits of having a responsive website

  • A killer look to impress!  Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but generally speaking great care has been applied in the creation of a responsive website.  Responsive websites are also the hot trend, it's very sought after.
  • It looks great on any device and that's a big deal.  The website will be properly formatted to display on any screen you call it on.
  • It's easier to maintain.  Most responsive websites come with a content management system (CMS).  Since you have only one website to maintain all you have to do login to your CMS and update the content of an article or swap out a picture or two whenever you feel like it, the changes will instantly be applied across your whole web presence.
  • Search engines will reward you!  Google will notice that your website was built to perform well on mobile devices and in turn will give you top notch treatment in mobile searches.

How can I get one?

Simple!  We'll make you one.  Contact dakis today and we'll help you become responsive!  All you need to do is send an email to  sales@dakis.com and we'll help you along your way to a brand new responsive experience.

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