dakis introduces kiosk colour themes

The team at dakis is proud to introduce a feature that will allow you to deliver a better-suited kiosk experience for your brand.

With kiosk version we're proud to introduce kiosk colour themes! We launched with seven themes to choose from:

By default, everyone has the Revised theme at this time as it's the familiar colour scheme that's been in use up to now. To access a new colour theme, you'll need to follow these steps:

Shut down and restart the kiosk to download kiosk version
While logged into your MyDakis.com account, head to the Inventory / Photo tab.

On the left-hand bar under Photo Kiosks, click on Applications and Licenses


In each license, look for the Theme heading and select your theme from the drop-down.

Finally, on each kiosk unit, from the Kiosk Control Center, perform a Get Configs to update your local configuration to the selected colour theme.

This update should help better align your kiosk experience with your branding efforts. 

Update also contains the following:

  • Update to our error monitoring tool, allowing the kiosk dev team to be quickly notified of crashes and other kiosk errors
  • UI update to the wifi transfer page that shows up on a user's phone when connecting to the wifi transfer page, the select photos and upload photos buttons have been moved to the top of the page so users don't have to scroll to find them
  • UI update to the home banner screen removing the thumbnails at the bottom, making the banners closer to a full-screen 1920x1080 ratio.
  • A new entry field in the Kiosk Control Center under instant Prints to allow the kiosk instant print mode to use other print applications than the custom application developed for the Fuji Frontier DX100 by dakis

For more information about the colour themes on kiosk V3, or to have a custom theme developed for your business, please contact  sales@dakis.com

Happy Selling from the dakis Team

If you like what you see but don't have a dakis kiosk be sure to get in touch with us so you can get yours today!  A simple email to  sales@dakis.com is all it takes to get started.

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