2) Connecting MyDakis to Lightspeed

The first step is quite simple, if you are a current LightSpeed Retail user, contact sales@dakis.com and ask for details about activating the LightSpeed Retail POS Connect in your MyDakis account.

If your purhcased LightSpeed Retail through Dakis, we'll activate the feature for you automatically.

Connecting your MyDakis account to your Lightspeed Retail account is done through a secure oAuth process directly in your MyDakis account.

Head to the ADMIN tab, under left hand menu Lightspeed POS - Configuration.

Click on the GENERATE REFRESH TOKEN button.

This will open up a Lightspeed Retail login page as per below. You can safely enter your Lightspeed Retail Login on this page. The page is fully hosted by Lightspeed and Dakis does not register nor store your Lightspeed login. Once you have logged into your Lightspeed retail account, you will be prompted to accept giving permissions to Dakis to read / modify data directly in your Lightpseed retail account through the API. You will need to accept this to continue. 


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