5) Selecting a default employee for your kiosk / online transactions

Kiosk and online transactions can be sent to your Lightspeed retail account as sales in progress. Sales are sent through to the appropriate shop ID when they are kiosk or pick up in store orders, ship to home orders will register as sales for your default MyDakis.com store. Sales need to be attributed to an employee, you should create a generic DAKIS employee 

Once you've linked your MyDakis account to your Lightspeed Retail Account, you'll notice on the very same page of the MyDakis.com (the admin tab / left hand menu Light Speed POS - Configuration) that you have three new areas:

Shop and Register ID
Employee ID
Tax category list

Click on Get employee list so that we can temporarily load employees from your Lightspeed Retail account into your MyDakis.com account so you don't need to go rummaging in your Lightspeed account to find the appropriate IDs. 

Simply select the default employee to which you will register sales in progress from the Dakis system, in our case we have an employee called Dakis / eCommerce.

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