Make Your Website Secure: Get An SSL Certificate

The first question you may have is "is my website secure?".  There's an easy way to find out, simply open up Google Chrome and load your website, if you're running Chrome your website will have a "secure" label if you are compliant.  If your website is not secure,  we need to talk.

Here's how it's all going to go down:

  • Chrome 68 will launch in July 2018.  This version of Chrome will see HTTP websites labelled with a grey "not secure" prefix in the address bar.
  • Chrome 69 will launch in September 2018.  The current green "secured" label will vanish, to be replaced by a simple padlock.
  • Chrome 70 will launch in October 2018.  The grey prefix introduced in July will turn red when the user inputs data into the website.

Google has taken other steps to encourage the use of HTTPS, a secure encryption standard for data in transit. For instance, the company has ranked sites with HTTPS higher in its search results.

If you would like to find out more about Google's plans in regards to SSL certificates feel free to check out these articles

There are 2 ways you can make your website secure with dakis:

Our new high performance responsive websites come with an SSL certificate, they are secure by default.  By switching to one of our high performance responsive website you will benefit from the default layer of security, as well as lightning fast load times, mobile, desktop and tablet compatibility and an SEO tune-up job.  These are all essential ingredients that will please the Google Gods.
Purchase an SSL certificate through dakis and apply it to your website.  We'll take care of all the dirty work involved in getting you setup and secure.

Don't waste any time!  Get secure before it's too late!  Click here to contact and we'll make it happen!

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