Basic Order Confirmation Email

Dakis allows you to customize the way you communicate and interact with your customers, you can quickly setup an Order Confirmation email template from your MyDakis account.  By following these steps you'll acquire the basic knowledge to perform minor edits to your order confirmation emails.  Let's get started!

Before we get started it's important to note that the configuration of a Order Confirmation Email template, or any other Customer Journey email template, is not part of the standard dakis service.  If you wish to have us setup the templates on your behalf please contact for a quote. 

If you are signed up to the Concierge Service you may contact your dakis expert to have us setup the emails as part of your service.

1 - Upload your logo

If you don't upload your logo you're missing out on an important branding opportunity, on top of having an awkward blank space on top of Order Confirmation email. From your mydakis account, click on Admin, then on Design. Once there click on the Add/Change Image button.

At this point you can call it a day!  You've added your logo and you can sleep well at night knowing your customers will be getting an email with their order details and with with your brand attached to it.  If you want to apply minor tweaks to your Order Confirmation email keep reading!

2 - Open the template editor page

Make sure you're still in the Admin section.  On the left hand side you'll see a link to the Email Template Editor , click on it!

3 - Duplicate the Order Confirmation template

Once duplicated you can start editing it.  Simply click the Duplicate button adjacent to the Order Confirmation template

4 - Click on the template name to open the editor

Need I say more?

5 - Edit the email

Use the editor to tweak the content.  Find what you want to edit, click and change; in the example below I copied the First Name variable and inserted it into my email greeting, the image insert will show you the result on a mobile device

This feature should be useful to those of you from areas where you are required to include the taxes in the value of the product; from here you can include a message to that regard and include any other kind of necessary information. USEFUL TIP #2
If you feel that you need to tweak the mobile version a little, there's a mobile/desktop toggle that will allow you to edit the email for the different device types.

6 - Save and exit

If you don't do this your changes won't stick and you'll curse our name because you'll have to start over.  The save/exit icons are found on the top right corner of the editor area. 

7 - Publish and use it!

You're almost there!  All that's left to do is set the template to the Published state, once published your customers will receive your own "tweaked" version of the Order Confirmation email.

If you've made horrible mistakes and feel it would be worthwhile to just start over, there's no need to worry.  Simply delete the template and start over from Step 2.  Deleting a custom template means that the default MyDakis will be used in it's place. 

You can also set your custom template to the Draft state to work on it a little more.

Do you like what you see?  If your business isn't benefiting from the dakis platform get in touch with us to get started!  We're only an email or a phone call away!
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