Adding PayBright as a financing / payment option for Canadian Merchants

Before you add PayBright as a payment method, make sure you've setup these two items in your PayBright portal or with your PayBright representative:

- Ensure your account has financing plans / options
- Ensure that your PayBright account allows you to refund consumers since that part is handled withint the PayBright dashboard itself.

Head to the SHOPPING CART tab / Payment Methods menu in your MyDakis account.

Click on Add New and select PayBright Payments Mode from the list

Enter the API Key and the API token supplied by Paybright into the Client Key and Client Token fields.

The item name and text fields can be whatever you want, although we recommend you simply enter PayBright as the values there.

The minimum order ammount can be left at 0, the actual minimum / maximum amounts allowed in a PayBright transaction range from $500 to $15 000 and these values are taken into account by the checkout process automatically.

The description fields can also be left blank at this time.

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