Creating a Free Shipping Promotion

Free shipping is always a good sales motivator for consumers shopping on your website. The portal will allow you to create free shipping promotions for your online store.

1) Head to the promotions tab within the portal

2) Free shipping can be created as an item promotion or as a cart promotion. Figure out if you want to offer free shipping on specific items / categories or if free shipping will be offered site wide.

(A refresher on basic promotions is found here , this will explain the difference between an item and a cart promotion as well as how to link an item promotion to specific products and also how to create coupons or memberships to trigger those promotions)

3) In either Item or Cart promotion, depending on your use case, select the Free shipping promotion type, this will open up the promotion creation dialog screen.

Here is what the different fields will do:

Text (EN) / Text (FR) : This is the name of your promotion as well as the label that will show up in appropraite areas on the website when the promotion is available or triggered.

Shipping Mode : This drop down selector allows you to select which specific shipping mode will be free. This allows you to create free basic shipping or free expedited shipping depending on what you want to offer.

Required Amount in Cart ($): This field allows you to sepcific an amount in cart after which free shipping applies. If you want it to apply for every order simply input 0, otherwise input the threshold at which free shipping should apply.

Date Configuration:
Begins On / Ends On: This allows you to set the date range during which the promotion will apply. The dates are inclusive and are associated to the time zone setting in your account.

Coupons / Memberships
The checkboxes in this area will allow you to link the promotion to specific coupon or membership code lists.
The following article goes more in depth on this functionality:

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