Updating PayPal for New Responsive Checkout

If you are using PayPal WebSite payment standard on your website and are upgrading to the new responsive checkout, you will have to take the following steps.

1) Create API keys in your PayPal account

  • Log into the PayPal developer portal with your PayPal business account credentials: https://developer.paypal.com/
  • On the My Apps & Credentials, click Live
  • Click on Create App under the REST API apps
  • Enter the name of the REST API app - we recommend something easily identifiable such as dakis Website or dakis Checkout
  • Once you click on Create App in that screen, your CLIENT ID and SECRET should be visible. These values are what you'll need to copy into the MyDakis setup.

2) Add the new PayPal values in your MyDakis account

  • Log into the MyDakis.com
  • Head to the Shopping Cart tab, left hand menu Payment Methods
  • Either edit your existing PayPal payment method by clicking on it's name or click on Add New and selecting PayPal Payments Standard
  • Enter the Client ID and Secret from step 1 into the appropriate fields

3) Test the PayPal payment method in the new checkout by visiting https://YOURWEBSITE.COM/checkout

(Link to the PayPal article which may have more information.)

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