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The purpose of the Home Dashboard is to welcome you with sales stats at a glance and help you navigate through the report suite.  Therefore it is composed of two main sections; the upper section gives you the most important sales stats and the lower section offers you a Dashboard Navigation Map.

Sales Stats

The sales stats included in the Home - Overview Dashboard are meant to give you a quick glance at how everything is going.  You can see the Month to Date (often, the acronym MTD is being used) sales and their comparison with the exact same period the Previous Year (the acronym PY is generally used for these).  In the example below, the Total Sales (meaning the product sales minus discounts, plus taxes and shipping) since the beginning of the month went up to 56K, from 32K at the exact same date of the month one year ago.  The net sales exclude the taxes and the shipping fees, while the cart count represents the number of shopping carts that processed the checkout entirely.

The Sales Stats also include a daily sales flash aiming to notify you of order activity by Sales Type (or App).   With dakis, you can have up to four different Types of sales, made through four different types of Applications.  In the table below, you will find those four (4), below the Sales heartbeat histogram.  Pay attention to the time indicators - in light blue - on the upper right corner of each graph.  They tell you the period of time showing.  The ones below, for example, show these numbers are for the last 24 hours.

  1. The Photo Factory App (showing here with yellow background), indicates the number of personalized items (a.k.a. Photo Gifts) sales made in local currency. They are multi-channel (cumulate online, kiosk and 
  2. The Print Factory App (underneath) indicates the net sales made from photo prints (on paper or other surfaces defined as other print formats).
  3. The Webstore App indicates the net sales made from selling non-customizable products, either merchandise, services, extended warranties, classes, or gift cards.
  4. The Pro Event App indicates the sales made out of your hosted galleries, your hosted network of internal photographers galleries (on your website) and external photographers (external websites) that are fulfilling through you.

Finally, on the right-hand side, the Month to Date sales are broken down by sales type in more detail.

Dashboard Navigation Map

At the bottom half of the Home Dashboard (and also of all reports), you will find a Dashboard Navigation map that will illustrate all existing reports in the suite at a glance.  They are divided into six (6) sub-sections that regroup different families of reports altogether, organized by functions.

Favorites Section

The Favorite section regroups your Recently Viewed reports and your Starred ones.  Starring a report of your choice is easy.  As the above screen capture illustrates, all you have to do is to click on the star icon that you'll find beside the Time Picker at the upper right-hand side of any screen.

Once you click the star icon on the report of your choice, it will be marked as a favorite and will appear in the Starred Dashboards list.

Sales Reports Section

The Sales Reports are there to help you get the exact amounts of Total Sales, Shipping Fees, Sales Taxes, and Net Sales by  channel and by type of sales, over a time period of your choice and with the power to filter by payment method and by store.

General Sales Report

Your sales figures, by app and by channel, over a time period of your choice (it is set to the last 30 days by default).

General Sales Report (MTD)

Same report as the General Sales Report with a predefined period to show the Month-to-Date (MTD) figures (sales made from the 1st of the current month).

General Sales Report (YTD)

Same report as the General Sales Report with a predefined period to show the Year-to-Date (YTD) figures (sales made from January 1st of the current year).  Also provides the benchmark with the sales made at the very same date of the previous year (PY).

Sales Trends

The evolution of your sales over the past 7 years; see the type of sales trending, the channels used, and the categories the most sold.

Year-Over-Year Sales Report

Quickly compare up to 10 years of Total Monthly Sales using the ''Year'' filter on the upper-left.

Finance Reports Section

The Finance section provides you with cost-related tools (OPS and Pro Event Usage), store fulfillment analysis, promotions, and tax reports.

Finance Report

Designed to compare two periods (of your choice - using the Time Picker) side-by-side by breaking down your Top Line to your Net Sales (with item and item promo breakdowns) and balancing it with your payment (with a breakdown by type).

Fulfillment Report

The report to use for the sales per store and the cost of sales per store allocation, for multistore accounts that have stores fulfilling orders of certain products for other stores, or, operates with third party fulfillment.

OPS Usage (with store breakdown)

Use this report to get a better understanding of your monthly/quarterly invoiced variable charges (% of sales a.k.a ''usage'').  When it applies, a store breakdown helps you allocate these charges per store (using the store breakdown).

Payment Report

A summary (in addition to a detailed list) of the payment methods used over a specific period of time.

Pro Event Usage

Track the sales of your Pro Event Hub.  Your own galleries, internal and external photographers' sales figures are all in one report. Use this report to get a better understanding of your monthly invoiced variable charges (sales, sales costs and storage (Gb)).

Promotion Report

The tool you always wanted to track your membership discount and coupons sales. 

Sales by Store

Designed for multi-store accounts, the Sales by Store report provides the Sales by Product with the possibility to filter by location.  The Headquarters sales (Shipped Online Orders) are excluded (hence the multiple selections of all stores is not likely to match with your real sales total).

Tax Report

The Tax Report will provide you with a summary and breakdown of the different taxes you have charged, for a time period of your choice.

Marketing Reports Section

The Marketing Reports are the ones designed to help you know and reach out to your customers better.

Best Customers

See who have been your best clients through a time period of your choice.  Sort them by average order value, total spending, or shopping carts number.

Customers by Brand

Want to promote a specific brand and get returning customers of that brand? This report is for you.

Direct Mailing Tool

Generate (physical) mailing address lists with control over the period of their purchases and different filters.

Email Blast Tool

Generate lists of customers' Email with the ability to sort them by geography.

Transaction Reports Section

The Transactions Reports provide you with rather raw or detailed order information over a period of your choice.

Order List: Print Orders

Pull all Print Factory (photo prints) and Photo Factory (personalized gifts or deco) orders for a period of your choice.

Order List: Outlab Orders

Pull all the third party fulfilled orders for a period of your choice. For example, all orders that were sent to Fujifilm.

Order List: Pro Event

Pull all the Pro Event orders, either from your gallery or any internal and external photographer you do business with.

Order List: Webstore (Merchandise)

Pull all hardgoods (or services and classes sold through your webstore) orders for a period of your choice.

Shopping Cart Report

Pull all shopping carts with sales, taxes and shipping totals, across all products and for the time period of your choice.

Product Reports Section

This section regroups all the reports that will help you identify the products you are selling the most.

Item Report

This report will help you investigate the sales of a particular product/category. The report has an strong filtering ability.

Pro Event Report

Shows the Pro Event Hub sales: your own galleries, internal and external photographers' sales are all in this report.

Sales by Category

Shows the top selling product categories over the period of time of your choice.

Sales by Product

If you're looking to know exactly what you've sold over a period of time, this report if for you.

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