Connecting your MyDakis to Google Merchant Center

Although connecting to Google Merchant is simple enough, managing the google search and display ads can be a bit more complex to get right. You always have access to the dakis SEO / Concierge team to help you get started with digital advertising.

It is possible to submit your hardware and printing catalogue directly to Google Merchant Center, greatly facilitating the setup of various Google marketing programs for your store.

In order to send your Hardware and/or your Printing catalog over to Google Merchant Center, you must first authenticate your MyDakis account with Google. To do so, head to the ADMIN tab, left hand menu Google Merchant Config.

In the config page you need to enter your Google Merchant ID as well as a JSON file that will permit the MyDakis to interact with your Google Merchant Account.

To retrieve the JSON file, you need to head to the settings in your Google Merchant Center dashboard, and find the CONTENT API menu item. From there, under Authentication you will want to create an API key. Upon creating the API key, your browser will automatically download a JSON type file which you can then upload to the MyDakis in the previous screen.

If you lose the JSON file or can't find it, getting a new file is explained in the article below:

More about Google Merchant Center can be found below:

Initial Synchronisation is done in the MyDakis under the ADMIN tab, left hand menu Google Merchant Synchronisation.

You have the choice to push / remove all your hardware or all your printing directly through to Google Merchant Center. You will want to periodically do this as you get new items in inventory, there is no automatic reupdate at this time of the feed. (Note that you don't have to do this for qty or pricing changes, just as you get new items you want to access in Google Merchant Center)

You can also control items individually by accessing them in the inventory / photo factory tabs. Items can also be blocked from being sent through to Google Merchant.

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