Custom states and shopping cart notifications

As part of the customer journey, there is a lot of flexibility left to the retailer for his communication flow both internally and as far as sending customer shopping cart email notifications and custom printing order email notifications.

1) Creating a custom state

In the admin section under shopping cart custom state you can create custom states which can be set on shopping carts via the SHOPPING CART tab as well as via the notification center, found under the ADMIN tab in the same section as shopping cart custom state.

Click + Add Custom State in the right hand corner.

You can then give your custom state a name in english and/or french.

The dropdown next to it will allow you to link the custom state to a custome shopping cart email template, there are currently two choices by default:
- Order Ready for Pickup
- Order Shipped to Pick Up Location

Retailers can create their own custom shopping cart email's under the Email Template Editor found in the same section as Shopping Cart Custom States.

2) Applying a custom state to a shopping cart in the shopping cart tab

Your custom states are available in the drop down situated right above the truck icon, which is used for the shipping tracking notifications.

When you select a custom state that would trigger an email, your browser alert system will ask you if you want to send the associated email template. The system is set up this way to avoid accidentally sending the wrong email template to a customer due to a mouse slip or chubby finger syndrome

3) Applying or viewing custom states in the Notification Center

Custom states can also be set and viewed in the Notification Center.

The notification center also allows you to send CUSTOM PRINTING ORDER email templates if you require communicating with customers about a single printing order and not the entire shopping cart content.

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