Payment Methods - Moneris

Log into your Moneris account at the following URL:

Moneris Gateway Merchant Resource Center

Under the ADMIN menu, navigate to MONERIS CHECKOUT CONFIG

Create a new profile:

You now have a few settings to modify and verify:

Checkout Type 
Check I have my custom order form and want to use Moneris simply for payment processing

Order Summary (CART) 

Leave all unlocked checkboxes blank

Customer Details

Only billing address is required

Multi Currency 

Leave 'Enable Multi-Currency' unchecked


Check to Activate Google Pay and Display Supported Cards.

We recommend having AVS as optional, specifically if you are selling low risk products or are also using ClearSale or Signifyd.

Leave the transaction type at purchase and do not accept gift cards or set transaction limits.

Branding & Design 

Leave logo blank. Use the below values for the text / background to best match the Moneris checkout with dakis checkout.

Ensure 'Enable Fullscreen' is unchecked and match the other two settings to best match the Moneris checkout with dakis checkout.

Order Confirmation

Check 'Use Own Page' and the order confirmation page content is irrelevant

Email communications

Moneris MCO can email you for each approved or declined transaction. You can also add another email user if you prefer. We recommend you receive these so you can quickly reconcile payments with dakis orders and ensure each approved payment resulted in a dakis order.

Connecting MCO to dakis checkout.

Under SHOPPING CART / PAYMENT METHODS. Click add new and select Moneris from the list.

You will need to enter your :

Which are found within the Moneris Gateway Merchant Resource Center


Store ID is the value you use to login to the MRC

Inside the Moneris Gateway merchant account, you need to obtain an API Token. Go to My Account and click on the ADMIN. Then click on Store Settings and click on the button to generate an API Token.

Checkout ID

It's the ID of the PROFILE that was created in the initial steps above. It can be found under ADMIN / Moneris Checkout Config

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