General Settings

Account wide settings such as Store Name, Store's Default Email, Store Owner User Account and upload your Store Logo.


This value shows up in various places:

Page titles and descriptions of all automatically generated pages (shop / printing / cart / checkout / etc)

This will have an influence on how these pages show up in search rankings.

It also shows up in auto generated system emails sent to consumers, such as this sample Order Confirmation Email:


This is the email to which dakis will send by default certain automatic emails:
- Third party printing on hold notifications
- Retailer order confirmation emails
- POS Integration sync error messages

This is also the email that will show up to consumers when they receive:
- Order confirmation emails
- Account creation emails
- Password reset emails
- Shipping notifications
- Photo project sharing notifications
- In store ready to pick up emails notifications
- Abandoned cart notifications
- Photo project expiring notifications


There can be only one 'Account Owner User'. This is the principal admin user of the MyDakis account. Only the 'Account Owner User' can promote another user to 'Account Owner User', when this is done, the current 'Account Owner User' is demoted to a 'Buyer' user role.


The logo will show up in various places within the dakis ecosystem:

The default logo for all customer journey emails, including order confirmations:

For customers  using a hosted page solution, it will show up as the logo of your dakis hosted page:

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