Create new users, edit users or deactivate users.

On this screen you'll see a list of the users permitted to access your online boutique's  The OWNER user type can also CREATE / EDIT and DEACTIVATE users on this page.

Below the list of active users, you'll also see a list of deactivated users, these users can no longer log into the for your boutique. 

For each individual user line you can glance:

demouser: the user's login
John Valjohn: the user's first and last names
Buyer: the user's role.

Possible roles are:

Owner: Has access to all sections and settings
Buyer: Has access to most settings except creating users as well as all the product pricing pages
Customer Service: Has access exclusively to customer sales and customer accounts 
Finance: Has access to reporting, customer sales and customer accounts
Pro Event User: Specific subtype of user for internal pro event photographers. Once a user is made a pro event user it can not be converted back to another type. Requires the Pro Event Hub.

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