Payment Methods - Affirm

Allow customers to place an order for pick up in store or ship to home with Affirm

The below image is how the selection is presented to consumers at checkout

To add Affirm to your dakis WebStore, from the SETTINGS / PAYMENTS tab, click on ADD PAYMENT METHOD and select AFFIRM.

If Affirm is greyed out, it means Affirm is already setup, in that case you can click on CONFIGURE to access the settings or DISABLE / ENABLE to deactivate or reactivate the payment method.

The minimum order amount will increase adjust the sub total so the order value isn't under a certain threshold.

In this case, the subtotal before taxes and shipping is increased to $2.00, a 'minimum order amount adjustment' line item is added to the order to do so.

Under Affirm Settings, you need to enter the API information retrieved via your Affirm account.

For Alpha-3 Country Code enter USA or CAN.

The validate button will allow you to validate your Affirm credentials by making a call to their API. If the fields are highlighted red you have incorrect values, if they are highlighted green you have the correct values.

The USE AUTHORIZE ONLY checkbox will allow you to set Affirm to only Authorize transactions (when checked) versus Authorize and Capture transactions (when unchecked). Transactions that are authorized only, will need to be captured in the Affirm account.

The API settings are retrieved by logging into your Affirm account and navigating to API KEYs. (Note that the below values are sandbox values for dakis' test development account, do not use these values.)

For retailers with a POS Integration, notably Lightspeed retail, enter the equivalent Lightspeed Payment ID, this will ensure that when the shopping cart is sent through to Lightspeed Retail, the appropriate payment mode is associated to it.

The last step to go live, don't forget to contact dakis at and ask to add the AFFIRM MARKETING WIDGET to your website Product Pages.

Happy Selling!

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