Photo Printing 07) Setting up the Dakis Job Downloader

In the Photo Tab of your MyDakis account, open the Job Downloader page in the sidebar. 

Keep the page open, we'll be needing a code from this page shortly.

Download a copy of the job downloader and run it once the download is complete

The first time you run the downloader, it will present you with the setup process to link it to your store's orders.

Hit the Test Now button to check that the downloader can connect to the internet.
Enter the store code for the location you want to receive orders for. You can find this code on the  Job Downloader page we opened earlier.

Once you've entered your first code, you can add others as needed if you need to pull orders from multiple stores.

Confirm the folders where you want to store the Order and LabWorksXML files on your computer. (if you don't use labworks, you can leave this on it's default value)
On the next page, you can choose some options pertaining to how it will handle orders:
  • How often you would like the downloader to check for and download new orders
  • What email your clients should see when they receive email notifications from you that their order is complete
  • Your local time-zone so that the downloader can correctly report when you received orders.

If order times still seem off after setting this correctly, verify that your Store's time zone is set properly in your MyDakis Portal.

Finally, choose for how long order files should be kept on this computer and whether they should be kept in an archive folder, or deleted outright.
Hit Next one last time and the downloader will start with the options that you have specified.

If you ever need to make changes to these settings later on, you can hit the settings button to force the downloader to run you through the setup process the next time you start it.

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