Photo Printing 08) Job Downloader Overview

The Dakis Job Downloader is a small program that lets you retrieve and manage the orders submitted to your store.

If you haven't yet had the chance, see the related articles at the bottom of the page for the steps to set up the downloader on your computer.

In the toolbar, you'll find all of the options that the Downloader provides for managing your orders on a day to day basis. 

If you set the downloader to archive old orders, you can retreive them from the Archive folder here.
This allows you to specify a specific order number for the downloader to pull down. This can also be used to pull down orders that you have deleted locally, but are still present on our server

This forces the downloader to check for new orders immeditately
Toggles whether the downloader will check for orders according to the interval chosen during setup
Toggles whether the downloader will play a sound when it's downloaded new orders to the computer.
Print the order form for the order(s) selected in the list.
Toggle whether to print forms for orders as they come in.
Send an email notification to the clients for the order(s) selected in the list
Flag the order(s) selected in the list which one of the following:
Opens the folder containing the rendered files for your to print.
Redownloads a fresh copy of the order's files to your computer
If an order was interrupted while rendering, this lets you continue where it left off.
Opens an interface which allows you to edit the order before proceeding with production
(Not available on Kiosk orders, once you have completed your edits, Redownload the order to pull down the latest files.)

Deletes the order from your list and closes the order on our servers.
Careful! - Deleted orders cannot be retreived again unless you manually reopen it in your MyDakis account

Searches the order list by Order #, Transaction # or Client's last name.
This closes the Job Downloader and presents you with the setup menu on the next startup so you can make changes to your setup options.
This will tell you the version of the Job Downloader you are using.

Underneath, you will find the order list along with a sidepane which shows a preview of the form for the selected order.

The Open, Print, Notification, Flag, Redownload, Render and Delete options are all also availble by right-clicking on an order in the list.

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