Webstore 05) Creating Product Accessory Packages

An account with our Advanced Webstore option is required to create and manage accessory packages on your site. Contact us if you are interested in adding it to your account!


Open the Inventory Tab of your MyDakis Account.


Choose the product category for which this accessory package should apply.


Click on the Accessory packages link to open the list of packages created for this category.


To create new packages, click on the Add new package link and give it a name

Once created, you can edit or remove accessory packages using the pencil and X icons.


Use the search bar below the package list to filter products that you want to add to the accessory package.

Note that only products that you have added to your inventory will show on this search.


Select the products to add using the checkboxes to the left and click on Add to package.


If you have more than one accessory package created, choose which one these products should be added to and click save.


Click on the link icon to associate this accessory package with products in your store.


Use the checkboxes to select which products should show this accessory package in your store and click save.

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