Webstore 04) Using Custom Tags

One interesting feature of the Advanced Webstore is the use of 'custom product tags' which can allow you to create various life cycle landing pages as well as promo pages that include custom selected products. Examples of these types of pages are:

  • New arrivals & Pre-Orders
  • BRAND X Instant Rebates of the week
  • Clearance and Closeouts
  • As seen in Glamour Photography Lighting Class

In this case we'll show you how to create a landing page that showcases products that currently have Canon Instant Rebates available for Kauffmann's Camera.

Log into the www.mydakis.com and head to the Inventory tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for Custom product tags in the left hand menu.

Click on New Tag to create a new custom product tag which you will be able to reuse going forward.

In the New Tag lightbox popup, you will have to add a Code and a Description. 

The Code is mandatory and is used throughout the www.mydakis.com and the CSV file to identify your rebate. Use something logical that you can quickly identify without having to think. In this case, canonir. Avoid using special symbols ($,%,@,#,etc) as these can sometimes be problematic. Stick to letters and numbers.

The Description is optional although can be important to set as it will appear next to the product in the website.

Now's the time to tag some products. There are two ways to do this:
If you have few products to edit, you can do so directly in the www.mydakis.com. Find a product with an instant rebate and click on the pencil to edit it as you would if editing pricing, availability, etc.

Scroll down the page and add the correct tag in the Tagged As area:

You can click on the red X if you which to manually remove a tag after having applied it.

Remember to hit SAVE at the bottom of the page to save your edits.

Note that products can have many tags at one time, you do not have to choose one tag over another if multiple tags apply.

If you have many products to tag / un-tag, you can use the CSV file to go through your products more efficiently. The CSV file is located in the left hand side of the Inventory Tab, just above the Custom Tags menu. Although we give some details about the CSV file below, this section does not completely cover working with the CSV file.

When generating the CSV file, ensure that the Tags checkbox is selected along with the Brand and Product Name checkboxes. Other values can remain checked or can be removed depending on what other operations you will want to accomplish at the same time.

Each custom tag created in the steps above will show up as it's own column in the CSV file. By default, the cells for untaged products will have an (N) in them and cells for taged products will have a (Y). Changing the N to a Y or vice versa will allow you to add or remove the tag when you upload the file back to the system later on.

 If you are using a new tag for the first time, you will need to contact Dakis through webdesign@dakis.com so they can create a custom landing page for you. Please include any relevant banners, PDF files, video embed links that you want them to utilize to customize the page AND MOST IMPORTANTLY be sure to send them the tag CODE. If you want, you can also specify the Page Title, Page Description and HTML Page name that you desire. If you omit any of these details, we will strive to fill in the blanks for you. Now's also a god time to mention if you want this page featured permanently on the site homepage, top menu or footer.
Once you hear back from Dakis, feel free to link your new landing page to your banners, email blasts, Adwords Campaigns, Facebook posts and if required, contact webdesign@dakis.com if you want any permanent links on your website to that page in your top menu, homepage or anywhere else. Here's the finished Canon IR page for Kaufmann's Camear:

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