Webstore 03) Editing Webstore Product Details

Open the Inventory Tab of your MyDakis account.
Find the product you wish to edit either with the search bar, or by browsing the product categories in the sidebar to the left.
Click on the edit icon beside the product you want to edit.
On this page, you will be able to specify the various options specific to this product on your site. 


  • Available - Determines whether your product is visible to clients on your web-store
  • On pre-order until - Allows you to temporarily make a product unavailable until a certain date without removing it from your web-store.


Here, you will see listed any available promotions to assign to this product.


  • Price - Sets the products regular pricing
  • Sale Price - If set, overrides the products regular price and emphasizes the sale price on the store pages.
  • Hide price - This option allows you to display products you wish to advertise, but not sell, online.
  • Apply minimum advertised price rule -This will conceal your item's price until checkout.
  • Charge no tax on this item - This will excempt the item from tax calculations in your total.

Other rebate

  • Mail in rebate - Shows a rebate on the product's price that the client must mail-in to redeem.
  • Manufacturer instant rebate - Similarly to a Mail in rebate but applying directly at checkout
  • Exclude rebate from tax calculate -

When setting an added rebate, be sure to specify it's start and end date and a downloadable file for clients to send in to redeem the rebate.

Quantity management

Track stock quantity - (deprecated) When selected, allows external tracking on unit stock via our API

Product Display

  • Display Text - Here, you can write up some text to show underneath the products name in your web store pages.
  • The product is featured on home page - (deprecated) This option chooses which products will be featured in our old home page product rotator.
  • The product is advertised in rotator - Checking this box will include this product in your website's ad rotator if one was setup as part of your site.

Product Identification

  • SKU - Set your product's SKU here
  • Manufacturer product code - Here you can specify the Manufacturer's product code.

Sale Priority

This option sets whether this product should be bumped up the in searches and category listings on your store.

Tagged As

This section allows you to set custom tags that you have created to the product.

Specific Shipping Rule

This section lets you set additional shipping fees for this product.

  • Initial price ($) - Applies a one-time fee once the product is ordered
  • Per item ($) - Applies a fee for each of these items in the customer's cart
  • Percentage (%) - Charges a % of the item's value as an added fee when added to the cart.

Additional Fees

If any addtional fees you've set in your Shopping Cart Section apply to this item. It will be listed here.

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