Third Party Fulfillment 02) Putting Third Party Orders on Hold

In the system, it is possible to put orders for select third party fulfillment houses on hold. This feature is currently supported for:

- Fujifilm Photo Services Group / PSG / PPP
- Fujifilm of Canada
- PhotoCreate
- Liberty / iVoke

To put third party fulfillment orders on hold, start by visiting the under the photo tab, left hand menu, main configuration.

On this page, you have three options:

- Leave the check boxes unchecked, thus allowing orders to go directly to the fulfillment house
- Check the box to put unpaid orders on hold
- Check the box to put all orders on hold

When an order is placed and put on hold, an email is sent notifying you or your staff of this to the email setup in the ADMIN section for the GIFTS area. You may want to double check who receives those emails and add relevant individuals by following the below link:

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