Third Party Fulfillment 01) Releasing third party orders that are on hold

When you receive a notification email advising you that orders for a third party fulfillment house are on hold, here are the steps available for you to review, release or stop an order.

Start by heading to the under the photo tab, left hand menu 'View on hold'. This will show you a list of orders that are currently on hold.

Various options are available to you at this point:

This link will open up a page with a link for each rendered page. Clicking on the link to the rendered page will show you the file being sent to the printer for that page.

The Pencil
This icon will open up the online editor in a web browser and allow you to make edits to the product page (re-crop an image, edit text zones). VERY IMPORTANT ONCE YOU HAVE EDITED A PRODUCT, YOU MUST RE-RENDER AND THEN PREVIEW IT AGAIN"

This link will re-flatten the final files. This is to be used after having edited and corrected an order.

Cart ID
By Clicking on the Cart ID number of an order, you can see the contents of the cart as well as the customer information.

By Clicking the text in the status of an order you can see the communications between and the wholesale fulfillment house. In the on hold screen, the fulfillment house has not yet been contacted so there won't be much activity there. In other areas of the such as view ordered and view closed, there will be more useful information.

Click this link when you are ready to send an order to production.

Click this link to stop an order from reaching the fulfillment house.

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