Photo Printing 03) Adding Options To Your Photo Prints

You can easily add options to create quick upsell options, such as  adding borders or "burn to CD".  In fact we have some default options already waiting for you to activate, here's how you get it done:

Once you have logged in to your mydakis account click on "Photo" and then "Printing Order Options"
From here we will add the "Standard Option Groups"
You should now be able to select which options you want to add, simply check off the options you want to offer and price them, leave the price field blank if the option is free.  Click save.
If you activated the "Archive my photos on a CD" options group you should specify the media capacity for this option.  Click on edit for this option group

Then select "Requires Physical Media" and specify the media capacity.  Note that CDs can hold 700MB and DVDs can hold 4700MB.  Click save.

If you offer additional paper qualities such as "Lustre" you are welcome to add them by clicking on "Create New Option" for "Paper Finish".

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