Photo Printing 02) Creating & Managing Print Sizes


Start by opening the Photo Tab of your MyDakis account


Choose the group you want to add print sizes to and click on Create New.

Don't have any groups? Take a moment and start by creating a photo print group to work with.


Fill out the Identification section for the print size.

  • Name - This will be what is shown to the client in the list of available print sizes.
  • Description - This text will pop up when a client hovers over the name of the print during ordering.
  • Labworks Item Code - If using Labworks, this field can be used to identify the format to that system.

Fill out the Configuration section to specify size and resolution.

  • Physical Print Size - The size of the printed image in inches
  • Minimum Required Megapixels - If an uploaded image does not have this many megapixels, it will be flagged at order as being potentially low-quality

If you aren't sure what to put in the value, click on the question mark for a table of suggestions


Set your pricing for individual and volume prints.

The Volume Pricing option determines when your volume pricing should apply.

  • Per photo - Volume discounts only kick in if the same photo is ordered in a large quantity.
  • Per Print Format - Volume Pricing will kick in once enough photos of the same size are ordered.


As needed, set custom fulfillment if that print size shouldn't be sent to your store for production.

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