Photo Printing 04) Setting up Print Production time

In this article, we will show you how to setup production time for your photo prints.

This option allows you to inform customers of your production time on specific items and categories while allowing you to offer different service levels at different prices.

The first step is to open the photo tab of your MyDakis account.
Under the photo prints heading, click on photo prints to see all your print categories and sizes.

You can then edit the production time either by print categories or print size.
To edit the production time by category, simply click on production time to expand the field.

From there, you can change the production time by changing the number in the box. Once you have done this, click the save button.

To edit production time for specific prints, click the edit button associated with the print size.

Once on the edit print size page, scroll do to the production time section.

To change the production time to the amount of your choice, check the use specific production time box. You can then enter the amount of days needed. once this is done scroll done and click the save button.

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