Computyme POS integration

This Dakis Help guide aims to give you more information about the Computyme to Dakis POS integration.

1 - Getting Started

To get started, contact slove@computyme and to voice your interest in this add-on. Although there is a cost from both Computyme and Dakis to get this working; we've worked together to ensure that we deliver great value and time saving to keep your WebStore up to date. Combined pricing is competitive with similar POS / eCommerce connectors on the marketplace.

Once you've agreed to the add-on service, Dakis will send the proper access to Computyme so that they can perform the installation.

The installation process takes two to three hours to install and test and may require two extra hours if you don't have the in stock / out of stock / ignore stock messages already setup in Computyme. Discuss this with your Computyme rep at the time of purchase.

2 - What must I do to prepare my WebStore for this sync feature?

The common key between Computyme and the Dakis Webstore is the Computyme SKU field. You must ensure that you have entered the correct SKU value on your products in the Dakis WebStore. We recommend using the CSV file to accomplish this :

3 - Other important information

- Computyme can work with Standard Webstore and simply toggle the availability of a product or it can update QTY if you have the Advanced WebStore.

- Computyme can't create new products in the, you have to import products, add your SKU and then the link up can happen.

- For multi-store users, Computyme will take the stock values of your Headquarter location for the sync.

- Rebate amounts & dates are uploaded from Computyme to the Dakis WebStore

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