How to View/Pay an Outstanding Invoice

Viewing/Paying an Outstanding Invoice

Once you have added a valid credit card in the dakis new billing platform (if you haven't, see Updating your credit card and billing information), you will be able to pay any outstanding invoice with a simple click. 

1. In the Account Subscriptions section click on the "PAY MY INVOICES'' button to see all your invoices and outstanding invoice(s). You can easily pay your outstanding invoice(s) online in this section.

2. You will be directed to the invoice page where all invoices are listed. This list shows you all paid and unpaid invoices. 

Note: When we transitioned to the new billing system, current dakis clients will see an account activation invoice with a charge of $0 as see below invoice number 1160. This is normal. Current dakis clients have already paid the activation fee in the old system. No action is required on your part.

3. Click on the "Pay invoice" button to pay an outstanding invoice.The transaction gets processed and you will get a confirmation prompt (in green).

4.  Your invoice balance will now show a balance of zero.

You're done!

Click on the invoice PDF link to view your invoice in pdf format.

Note: for your accounting needs, invoices before March 1st 2017 at still available in our old billling system (Freshbook) and it will remain open for some time so  you can download past invoices and see Payments made for invoice prior to March 1st 2017.

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