7) dakis Lightspeed POS Connector settings - Push dakis to Lightspeed

Once you've gone through all the previous initial setup, the dakis Lightspeed POS Connector has three main functions that can be tweaked to match your expectations. The application can:

- Push product data down from MyDakis to populate your Lightspeed retail as well as update Lightspeed retail pricing from MyDakis data
- Send dakis shopping cart data from kiosk and online transactions as sales in progress to LightSpeed retail
- Pull product data up from Lightspeed retail to MyDakis to udpate pricing & qty as well as import new items

In this article we'll explore the first point, pushing product data down from MyDakis to populate Lightspeed retail.

This feature is most useful for retailers that already have a dakis webstore or OPS and want to setup Lightspeed retail with matching product categories and create items directly in Lightspeed Retail based on what is in their MyDakis account.

In the settings page, you can choose which categories you want to push down from Dakis to Lightspeed when synching data. Your choices are:

Photo Factory

Hardgoods: This is everything found in the Inventory tab. On initial synchronisation, the system will create the following in Lightspeed Retail:

- Brands
- Product Categories
- Individual Products with these fields : Price / Sale Price / SKU / MPN / UPC / Quantity . Products will be associated to the correct categories.

Photo Factory: This is what is found in your Photo Factory tab. On initial synchronisation, the system will create the following in Lightspeed Retail

- Photo Factory Product Categories
- Photo Factory Product Sub Categories

Because of the nature of the Photo Factory which can have multiple merchandises that have the same sku (i.e. many 4x8 flat greeting cards) we don't push down individual product details, it will be up to the retailer to create the product and add on option skus in Lightspeed Retail.

Prints: This is what is found in your Photo tab. On initial synchronisation, the system will create the following in Lightspeed retail:

- Print Product Groups
- A print product group for your options
- Indiivdual print sizes within the correct print product groups
- Print options in the print option group

The first synchronisation can take several hours, this is normal as the Lightspeed API uses a leaky bucket algorithm to limit the speed at which we can send data. Subsequent synchronisations will be much faster as they will only send changes that were done since the previous synchronisation.

On subsequent synchronisations the system will send new brands / categories / products / pricing changes / etc. Product updates are matched using the SKU or UPC, whichever is found, as such don't go changing your dakis product SKUs without also updating the equivalent Lightspeed Retail item. If you do so, a new item will be created!

To start a synchronisation, navigate to the ADMIN tab and click on PUSH DAKIS INVENTORY TO LIGHTSPEED. You can schedule it for a later date and also request an email confirmation.

In a future release we're going to automate the process so that you can simply select at what time intervals you want to synchronize your inventory.

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