Top 10 Gift Idea Brochure Marketing Material

Included in this pack:

  • TOP 10 Holiday Gift Ideas Brochure in editable PSD files in web and print formats.
  • Social Media Assets for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Newsletter Template in JPG and PSD files.
  • Web Banners for your website in JPG and PSD files. 
  • Kiosk Banners in JPG and PSD files.
  • Brochure Landing Page Layout for your website.

Disclaimer - Use of the dakis Marketing Material. 

These images are protected by copyright laws. You must be a dakis Photo Factory, dakis Online Photo Solutions and/or dakis kiosk paying customer to use the dakis Marketing Material. You may solely use these marketing assets to promote your dakis services. You may not use these images for any other reasons. You may not create any derivative work with this marketing material. If you are not a dakis paying customer for the services listed above you may NOT use these images for any reasons and by using these images you are breaching copyright laws and are subject to legal actions against you.

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