Photo Factory 01B) Creating Mobile Case Inserts

To build a Wrapped Canvas in the Photo Factory you will first need to prepare a Thumbnail with a minimum of 500x500 pixels and a maximum of 1000x1000 pixels and save it as a jpg. 

Locate the Category and Sub-category you want your product to appear and click on the Unpublished number in the Product Catalog environment.

Click on the NEW FIXED PRODUCT button at the top of the page.

Click on the THUMBNAILS button under the no image default icon.

Locate your Thumbnail and click on SET AS THUMBNAIL.

You will see your Thumbnail appear. Add the product Name and Description, scroll to the bottom and SAVE.

You will see your Custom Product appear next to the other products in your account. 

Click on the EDIT button next to your new product, this will bring you back to your Product Creation page.

Click on the NEW FIXED PRODUCT button at the top of the Pages section.

Under Name enter "iPhone 6+ insert". Enter the dimensions of the page.

 Under Canvas click on ADD IMAGE.

You will see a default cloud image placement appear in the middle of your page.

Enter the page dimensions in the x, y, width, height values in the Images / Texts box. 

The default cloud image will fill the entire area. This determines the space that the users photo will populate.

Click on the Library button under Graphics

You will be prompted to browse your computer to locate your transparent mask file.

Click on the drop down menu and choose Mask. Then click on SET AS MASK.

Click on the mask on your page. An Image Tools Pop Up will appear. Check the use as mask box and make sure to unclick the render box. 

This will make it possible for the user to see which part of their photo will be cut off by the mask but will prevent the mask from printing in the final output which can be very useful for sublimation on irregular shaped objects such as phone case inserts.

Click on the EDIT button to the right of the Specification section. Select all the radio buttons that apply to your product then Scroll to the bottom of the page and SAVE.

Select your product by clicking the box and click on the PUBLISH button.

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