Photo Factory 04) Pricing an Individual Photo Factory product

In general, you want to use the  mass pricing tables in the photo factory for your greeting cards, photo gifts, canvas prints, fine art prints, etc.

Certain categories, such as photo books, require additional information which must be added directly on each product. Occasionally, you may find certain categories don't have enough items to warrant mass pricing or are hard to price in such a manner. The Canvas Wall Splits / Clusters are another good example of this.

Pricing individual photo factory templates requires that you have  imported and published these templates in the first place.

Head to the Photo Factory tab in your In this screenshot, the Photo Books main category is opened up - by clicking on the Show subcategories link - and we can now see that there are some products in the published (Pub.) column. Click on the number in the Published column for which you want to see and price available product.

We've chosen to price the Printable Hard Cover Photo books in this case. Once you have found the item you want to price by using the left hand specification search or the search field in the top right corner, you'll want to click on the EDIT button directly next to the template you want to price out. In this case, the Photobook Custom Hard Cover 7x9. 

This specific product belongs to the Fujifilm Canada Collections and is also an example of a product that goes to wholesale fulfillment at the Fuji Canada labs in Mississauga. 

When editing the individual items, these are the fields that you can edit. Note that not all fields are present on all products, a photo book was chosen as it has all the editable fields.

Unit Price & Price Per Page

Unit price will represent the cost of 1 unit. For products that can have a varying amount of pages, this will be the price with the minimum amount of pages in the product.

Price per additional page represents the extra cost for each page above the minimum amount of pages.

Sku is a value you can add if you want to track orders by Sku. This is an optional value.

Labworks item code is a value you can add if you use Labworks by Lablogics POS for labs. This is an optional value.

Name is the name of the product and can be edited. This will affect the page name and title as well so can be good for SEO optimization.

Description is the long description of the product and is also a good field to edit to give the customer more information or to optimize the pages for SEO.

By clicking on EDIT CUSTOM TAGS you can add theme / audience tags to a product allowing you to create custom inbound links to specific collections or allowing a customer to filter by those tags.

Minimum pages is the minimum amount of pages the book builder will load. Customers can leave blank pages but won't be charged for less than the minimum.

Maximum pages is the upper limit of page count for a product. Many things can limit this, normally it is limited by the thickness of the cover vs the weight of the page.

Tiered pricing for multiple copies of the same product can be added.

Product specific shipping rules can be added.

The fulfillment and order routing options can be edited.Note that in the case of this specific product, the template is locked to wholesale fulfillment through Fuji Canada.

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