Photo Factory 02C) Adding 2017 Calendars and Marketing Material

The 2017 Calendar Collections are now available in your Photo Factory. These designs combined with your photos are sure to make both beautiful and practical gifts that can be enjoyed all year long.

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These designs are available for:

- In House Production  
- Fuji outlab production (USA & Canada) 
- PhotoCreate outlab production (Australia)

Steps to add 2017 Calendars:

Log into your account and navigate to the Photo Factory tab. Find your Calendars category. (Note that this is the default category name, you may have renamed it in your account.) The Calendars are in the AVAIL column and you can import them by clicking on the red number at the end of the row.


Import the individual subcategories by clicking on the import buttons. The imported products will go directly to your unpublished columns.


Click on the Unpublished products in the subcategories to see the available calendars with their thumbnails and descriptions. Select which calendars you want to import.


You can also select from the drop down in the top right corner which fulfillment and/or collection you desire. 

Dakis Main Collection = In House Production. 
Fujifilm USA Collection = Outlab to Fuji PPPG  
Fujifilm Canada Collection = Outlab to Fuji Canada Gifting Lab 
PhotoCreate Collection = Outlab to PhotoCreate

For Fuji and PhotoCreate calendars to be visible, your account must already be configured to send orders to those wholesale labs.

Once you have selected your calendars you can click on publish selection to publish only those calendars or you can click on publish all to publish all available calendars.


See publishing photo factory templates article.

If you have never offered calendars before or notice the calendars are not priced when they are on your website / kiosk, you may need to go to your mass pricing and price the calendars.

See mass pricing in photo factory

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