dakis introduces red eye and auto photo enhance feature!

Just when you thought our kiosk solution couldn’t get any better!  With Perfectly Clear's award winning photo enhancement technology you can say goodbye to dull colors and annoying red eye.  Generate perfect prints with the simple touch of a button.  You asked we listened, another awesome free upgrade made available to you!

Regular kiosk users will notice that they can now access the Auto Photo Enhance and Red Eye removal features by clicking on "colors and effects" then selecting their preferred enhancement option

Red Eye Removal

By selecting Red Eye Removal you will be able to rid your pictures of pesky red eye!  

Auto Photo Enhance

Auto Photo Enhance will not only correct unwanted Red Eye but also improve the overall look of your pictures!

How do I get this upgrade?

Easy! Just shut down and restart your kiosk! When you re-start it the update will install itself and you'll be ready to easily improve your pictures. If you aren't signed up to our kiosk solution but would like more information just send us an email!

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