Photo Kiosk 07) Adding Gifting to my Photo Kiosk

From the Kiosk Control Center, click on the Kiosk Options tab and check "Display photo products"

If you have not activated any gifts inside your mydakis account you will not be able offer photo factory products from your kiosk.  To find out how to activate photo factory products  click here.

Click on the "Settings" tab then click on Get Configs to import the gifting information onto your kiosk.  After having done this start up your kiosk, you can now offer gifts!
If you have no "in-store pickup" and "in-store payment" options make sure to create them.  The gifting portion of the kiosk will get all it's information from your websites' mydakis account, it will take into consideration all your payment and shipping options.

To learn more about payment methods,  click here.  To learn more about shipping methods, click here.

If you can not activate the gifting portion of the kiosk after having performed these steps it is possible that an interface needs to be created for you, contact for further assistance.

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