mydakis SKU & setup for successful Ls x dakis sync

How and what to SKU in

SKUs/Custom SKUs are the value used by both Lightspeed and dakis to communicate with each other. Think of the SKU like a handshake between both systems. No SKU equals no handshake, equals problem. 

1- To start, all of the print sizes need a unique SKU:
9fde43d4aef7f3dfd75a889b9e1f3a62.pngSKUs can be a mix of letters and numbers, with symbols. SKUs should NOT start with the number zero (0). Do not put any spacing.
We recommend something easy, such as:
StdPrnt3.5x5, Standard3.5x5, 100001, etc.

2- Along with the Prints, you must SKU the Printing options.
Click on Edit to find the Labworks Code (which refers to the SKU in this case - yes, it can be confusing).
Labworks Code (SKU) can be something as simple as: pearlsurface (no space).
7769196b6b19430220ed49cc3acabad6.png3- Repeat for the Photo Factory items and Options - they all need a unique SKU (Labworks Code).

4- You will also have to SKU or set up the following:
Minimum Order Amount SKU: 6) Adding a SKU to your minimum order amount
Set up the Taxes/Tax Category List: ( 4) Setting up your Lightspeed Tax Region IDs in MyDakis
Set up the Shop ID and Register List: 3) Setting up your Lightspeed Retail Shop IDs in your MyDakis
Set up the Employee List: 5) Selecting a default employee for your kiosk / online transactions
SKU the Shipping Modes:

How to verify the configuration of Lightspeed in the Dakis portal?

From the Admin tab, you need to go complete the Lightspeed POS Configuration.
Scroll down on the configuration page:

...until you get here, and click on Check Inventory Configuration:
e4134051921b773d8205e67c86d7c932.pngYou should see this:
6fef666a6bf62bec96904bc5463b2562.pngThe ones in red still need to be configured, either in the Portal or in the Shopping Cart settings.
You can see more details when you click on the little blue 'i' (information).

It should look like this (everything should be green):

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