Website 01) Adding or Removing Banners

Managing your banners is easy from your Carousel Manager.

*July 23rd 2019 Update*
Carousel Manager now supports responsive banners for different device sizes!

Banners you post to your website will be kept in one of two categories: Published & Unpublished

Published banners will be visible in your carousel to clients visiting your site.

Unpublished banners will not be visible in the carousel and are often used to prepare content that you plan on using later.

Adding banners to either of these categories is as simple as hitting the add button and select the images you wish to add. If you need to change the order your banners will show, simply drag and drop them to their desired postitions. You can add three different sized banners to your carousel targeting different screen resolutions.

- Desktop banners trigger at a width of 769px and above
- Tablet banners trigger at a width between 376px and 768px
- Mobile banners trigger on resolutions of 375px and lower

The specific breakpoints can be set in the Banner size area of the carousel configuration. We recommend the above values, and your dakis website team will advise you if your specific site uses different sizing. Note that the height is variable.

When you upload a new banner, it will be selected for all the different resolutions automatically. You can upload the specific versions for your resolutions by clicking on the pencil to the left of the image.

Removing banners is simply a matter of selecting banners to remove with their checkboxes and hitting the delete button at the top.

Deleting banners is irreversible so be certain you have selected the right banners and made backups if needed.

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