Website 03) Changing your Carousel's Appearance

The Configuration tab lets you manage your banner carousel's appearance through 4 categories of options, showing you a preview of your choices as you go

Banner Animation

Using the checkboxes in this section, you can select and change which animations should be used when passing from one banner to the next. If you select more than one, the transition will be chosen randomly between them.

Transition Speed and Color Theme

This section allows you to choose how quickly your carousel should switch to the next banner in the lineup. The "Elements color" option let's you decide in which color the banner controls should be displayed. Unchecking the "Navigation always visible" box will hide the controls until the mouse is brought over the banner itself. This option will also apply a slight transparency effect to the controls

Navigation Bullets and Positioning

This section is where you can choose the size, type and position of your banner's bullet list or thumbnails.

Previous & Next Buttons

This section is where you can choose the size and type of buttons to show for your carousel's navigation between banners.

Once you've finished changing your carousel's appearance to your liking, simply hit the save button and the changes will appear live on your site's home page.

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