Website 02) Managing your Banners, Links, Language and Posting Dates

Underneath your banner lineup on the Carousel Manager, you'll find the options to edit an individual banner's details.

be sure to hit the Save button before moving on to the next banner or your changes will be lost!

Setting Seperate English and French Banners

If you run a bilingual site, you can pick the french banner's details what banner the french site should show instead 

Linking Banners to a Webpage or File

Linking another web page is simply a matter of putting the full URL (text in your browser's address bar) of the site you'd like the banner to lead to in the banner's " Link URL" field.

If you'd like to link your banner to a PDF or other file, send it as an attachment to our website team at and they will send you back the URL to use for that banner.

Managing a banner's posting date

If you need a banner to be visible during only a specific period of time, you can use the Start date and End date fields.

Banners set for a specific time will show a little icon on their thumbnail. A green icon means the banner is presently visible on your site. Yellow means that banner is set for dates in the future or that have already passed.

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