Website 04) Submitting Changes for your Website

Are you looking to make changes to your website, but aren't sure how to do it? Have you tried looking into your MyDakis account to make those changes, but couldn't find what you were looking for?

Let's take a look into how you can send us your web changes below!

Before sending us anything, be sure that the info you send us is accurate and complete.


Please send your website modification requests to If you send your web changes to any other department, the time it takes for them to forward it to the web team will add up. In the end this means it can take longer for the changes to be completed for you. Sending your request directly to us is especially important when you have time-sensitive changes.

Provide the following in your email

  • Avoid putting vital information in the subject line, be sure to have all instructions in the body of your email or as an attachment. 
  • All text and image changes should be included as attachments and appropriately named.
  • Include your contact info as well as the store or website you want the changes applied to. 
  • Include the URL of the page you want the changes done to.
  • For new content, tell us where it needs to be created, and where it needs to be linked from (ex: from the homepage, a new page in your services section, a completely new section)

Send us your files in one of the following formats

  • For any text edits, additions or instructions* you may have, use Word or PDF documents. Avoid cluttering your email by pasting all the changes in the body of your email. 
  • New or replacement images should be sent individually as JPG’s (or PNG’s if transparency is needed).
  • Price lists or anything you want displayed in a table format, should be sent in an Excel document.
  • Send Mock-ups or page layouts in either JPG or PSD format. These are great for showing us how you want the page to look and they will be used only as reference. All text and images should be supplied as mentioned above.

*Note, short and sweet instructions can be written directly in your email.

Here's what an entire email can look like when you are done writing it up:

When can you expect your request to be completed

24-48 business hours is generally the average delay time. If your request requires additional time to complete, we will inform you of the new ETA.

Keep in mind we follow Canadian holidays and aren’t in on weekends! 

Have more questions?

If you're unsure of how to go about something or need advice/suggestions, never hesitate to email us your questions at

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